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About Chim Chim

There is no chimney too tall, no chimney too dirty and no chimney with too many bends. We can clean them all. We have 16 years experience servicing, repairing and installing log fires.
As Masters of our trade we have an extensive knowledge base to overcome any problems you are experiencing with your logfire.
We are members of the New Zealand Home Heating Association and pride ourselves on attention to detail and cleanliness along with a professional, punctual and polite service.

Our technicians are professionally attired, use innovative modern techniques and equipment. We guarantee a clean, efficient, professional service and arrival at the appointed time. We take great pride in the high level of customer service that we provide.

Here is a list of some typical logfire issues that we resolve


  • Broken Baffles/Top Plate

  • Broken Door Glass

  • Worn Door/Window Seals

  • Birds Nesting in the flue or trapped in the top of the firebox

  • Blowback (smoking back into the room.)

  • Sticky Airslides

  • broken door knobs

  • scratched or worn paint on the flue

  • Worn out airtubes

  • Water leaks onto fire

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