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 Some history and folklore of the Chimney Sweep

In Great Britain it is considered lucky for a bride to see a Chimney     Sweep on her wedding day. Many modern British Sweeps hire             themselves out to attend weddings in pursuance of this tradition.

In Germany, Switzerland,Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic,

Slovakia and Slovenia Chimney Sweeps still wear the traditional

all-black uniform with a black

hat. It is considered good luck

to rub or grasp one of the 13

gold buttons on their jacket

if you pass one in the street.

As a Lucky symbol, depictions

of chimney sweeps are a

popular New Year's gift in

Germany; either as small

ornaments attached to flower bouquets or candy, e.g. marzipan Chimney Sweeps.

Their traditional uniform is an all black suit with golden jacket buttons and a black tophat.

Chimney Sweep
Chimney Sweep 1
Sweep wedding

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