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Chimney Sweep and Service

Its very important to have your logfire and chimney swept and inspected at least once a year to ensure it runs efficiently and keeps your family and house safe and warm. 

Our Chim Chim expert technicians use the latest technology including videos cameras, rotary brushes and industrial vacuum systems to deliver the most comprehensive professional chimney clean.

We will also inspect, assess and diagnose your logfire and chimney for any possible repairs or maintenance issues

Prices for Chimney Sweep and service

$110.00 inc GST 

Chimney Sweep for inbuilt or freestanding logfires

$120.00 inc GST 
Chimney Sweep for open fires, coal ranges, and cooking ranges
Pyroclassic and Ferva logfires
$120.00 inc GST 
Chimney Sweep for Ultra low Emmision Burners (ULEB) Due to increased time,tools and preperation required
$150.00 inc GST 
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