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Our online shop is coming soon !

Buy all your replacement

logfire parts from our website,

and have them delivered to your door hassle free ! 

Our online logfire parts store will be up and running soon (right here! ) and stock most commonly required replacement logfire parts.

For logfire parts enquiries and sales right now please call;

0800 22 44 64

or email us

Or you can visit our friendly Chim Chim team at our new showroom:

32 Sandyford Street, Sydenham

Christchurch 8023

What parts do I need?

You may know exactly what make and model your logburner is, and what replacement parts you need, or,  like a lot of people you don't know where to even start!

If your logfire is freestanding the best place to start looking is on the back of the fire box, generally this is where the make and model details of your logfire will be. 

If you are able to bring the parts into our showroom for our staff to identify, or take lots of photos and email them to us, we will be able to advise and supply you with the right parts to keep your logfire running at its best

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