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Chim Chim offers a range of services to suit your needs including repairs and specialised services to help you maintain the more unique and rare logfires/flues and chimneys.

Prices for Chimney Sweep Service

  • $110 chimney sweep for inbuilt or freestanding fires 

  • $120 chimney sweep for open fires, coal ranges, and cooking ranges 

  • $120 Pyroclassic/Ferva logfiress

  • $150 chimney sweep for Ultra-Low Emission Burners (ULEB) due to increased time, tools, and preparation required.

Chimney Clean and Service

It’s important to have your fire inspected and swept yearly.  This ensures your fire will work efficiently, keeping you and your family safe and warm.

Our Chim Chim experts  use the latest technology  (video cameras, rotary brush and industrial vacuum systems) to deliver a more comprehensive  professional chimney clean with a no mess no fuss service.


Our Chim Chim experts will inspect, assess and diagnose your fire/chimney for any possible repairs or maintenance issues.

● Door & Window Seals

● Full Flue Replacement 

● Bricks/Baffle Replacement  

● Lubricate Air Slides and revolving cowls   

● Airtube Replacement 

● Roof Flashing Repair/Replacement  

● Bird nest removals  l Bird proofing

● Bird Proofing

● Paint Touch Ups   

● Cracked and broken bricks and baffle top plate

● Fire controls not working

● Loose or missing fire door seals

● Smoke Alarm Checks

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