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Q: How often should I have my chimney cleaned and fire serviced?

A : Once a year.  This is recommended by the manufacturers of logfires, the New Zealand Insurance Council, and by us the chimney sweeps.

Q: Why do I need to clean my chimney?
A: Creosote is a flammable substance that builds up in your chimney and fireplace as a result of burning wood.  With build up it creates draw issues leading to poor performance, smoke blowing back into the room, and can lead to chimney fires if not cleared.

Q: What does the chimney sweep do?
A: Chim Chim sweeps 95% of logfires from the inside using proven tools and methods developed inhouse and from overseas.  

The chimney sweep will first tarp off the area surrounding your stove or fireplace.  The door is removed or opened fully that then has a cover placed over it. An industrial soot vacuum will be inserted into the firebox through the cover and turned on.  Through another hole in the door cover, the chimney sweeps brushes are inserted, connected together in 2 meter lengths until the brush head is pushed to the very top inside the cowl (top cap).  The cleaning process then commences until the entire flue has been cleaned thoroughly. The brushes are then removed, the cover pulled away, and contents are vacuumed out (we do not remove existing ash as it can clog the vacuum up).

After the sweep is finished cleaning we will inform you of any issues, parts missing, or make recommendations for repairs.

Q: How long does a chimney sweep take?
A:  An average sweep from arriving at your household to leaving is 30 minutes.  However, not all logfires are the same and due to variety of reasons (rusted pins or bolts, method of sweeping, or distance to bring in the tools) can take longer.  The chimney sweep will inform you if it will take longer.

Q: Does the chimney sweep need to come inside the house?
A: Yes.

Q: Does someone need to be home when the chimney sweep is working?

A:  No.

Q: Does the chimney sweep need to get on the roof?
A:  No. In special cases roof access is required to inspect the cowl or for particular fires we have to sweep from the roof.

Q: Is it messy or noisy?
A: We ensure that there is no mess.  However, there will be a loud noise made during the sweep that will last for 5 minutes or so.  Our chimney sweep will inform you prior to starting the sweep. Due to the noise, we recommend that animals are placed outside to not frighten them


Q: Can I light my fire the night before a chimney sweep?
A:  Logfires can retain heat for up to 24 hours.  For our chimney sweeps to do their job safely and efficiently, we ask that you do not light your fire the prior day to us arriving.

Q: I don't know what kind of stove or fireplace I have.  How can I tell?
A:  If you can inform us whether it is a freestanding fire or an inbuilt (sits inside a wall cavity of where a brick open fire used to be) that helps us. Additionally, almost all logfire manufacturers like to proudly label their fires with their branding - usually on the front.  If that is not visible, all logfires are required to have an identity tag on the fire - for freestanding fires this is on the back of the fire. For inbuilt fires this is not accessible. For example, if you told us that your fire is a Masport inbuilt or a Woodsman freestanding fire that is enough for us in most cases.  Our chimney sweeps will be able to tell the make and model of your fire.


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