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About Us

We believe every one should have a warm and safe home.

And thats just the start. At Chim Chim we want to give you the reassurance that your logfire is performing at its very best. Our goal is to provide consistantly excellent service so you can trust you are getting the most expert, clean, chimney sweep every time. Our Master Chimney Sweeps have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair all logfire and chimney problems and offer helpful advice. Much more than just Chimney Sweeps, we offer a complete service that will give you peace of mind that your logfire is being looked after by the best.

Our Story

Chim Chim is a Christchurch-based chimney sweep, logfire parts and repairs business. We were founded by Nick and Jonny, two social pals who met at a local and discussed regularly ( among other things ) a few business ideas. Six years ago Nick was running his own successful business installing fires which he had been doing for 15 years, and was thinking about a new challenge, while Jonny was working on a Bachelor of  Commerce, strategy and entrepreneurship and thinking about the type of business he would like to run one day. 

One day, an elderly woman called Nicks installation company in distress, she desperately needed a chimney sweep before she could light her fire and couldn't  get a chimney sweep to turn up and do the job, it turned out this had been a recurring problem for her. Nick wanted to help and realised in the process how hard it was to find professional and experienced Chimney Sweeps in Christchurch that actually turned up! He chatted to Jonny about what had happened and they both thought maybe this was an area worth looking into....and so, the Chim Chim business was born! Five years later Nick and Jonny are still committed to showing up and doing an excellent job for their customers with a no mess, no fuss, abest service guarantee.

Our Team.

Our Chim Chim team has expanded since Nick and Jonny started all those years ago. Due to our growing reputation for excellent service and expert knowledge Chim Chim's services are now in high demand!

We have expanded to a team of five Master chimney sweeps, three support staff and even our first franchise operator, and are always on the lookout for more good people to work with us.

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