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Frequently asked Questions


Can I light my fire the day before I get my chimney swept?

Yes. You can light your fire the day before a booked chimney sweep but it is best to stop adding any wood after 9.00 pm and let it cool down. It is safest for our technicians to leave your fire unlit for 24 hours previous to your sweep.


How often should I have my chimney swept and serviced ?

Once a year. The New Zealand Insurance Council, logfire manufacturers and Chimney Sweeps recommend you have your chimney Swept annually. However, in some circumstances or because of certain logfire and chimney designs it may be advisable to have your chimney swept twice a year. We would also advise you to check the details of your home insurance police to make sure you are meeting your house owner obligations.


Why do I need to clean my chimney?

Creosote is a flammable substance that builds up in your chimney when you burn wood. If it is not cleaned regularly and removed, it can create many issues that leads to poor logfire performance, smokey rooms and even dangerous chimney fires.


How long will my Chimney Sweep take?

This can vary depending on the type of logfire and chimney you have but as a general rule we ask you to allow 30 - 40 minutes.


How do I know what type of logfire or stove I have?

If you have a freestanding logfire, please check the back of the firebox. The make and model should be identified. If you are still not able to identify your brand or model our experts will be able to work it out for you.


Will the Chimney Sweep need to come in my house?

Yes. The Chimney Sweep is carried out from the firebox up so our technicians will need to enter your house to sweep and properly clean your chimney.


Does the Chimney Sweep need to get on my roof ?

Not usually. However certain models of logfires require us to sweep from both the top and the bottom. Very rarely there may be access issues due to the chimney or house design, or repairs needed. Chim Chim can organise what is required and will discuss and explain any issues thoroughly with you first. 


How does Chim Chim sweep my Chimney?

Using clean and modern equipment our technicians will first  carefully seal off your firebox to prevent any soot and debris coming out . We then use our equipment to travel the complete length of the chimney and once in place, mechanical brushes are used to vigorously dislodge the creosote and debris in your chimney while suctioning it to a sealed  to a unit outside.


Will it be messy or noisy?

There will be a brief period

(approximately  5 - 10 min) when our technicians will need to run the equipment that dislodges and removes the debris from your chimney. This will make a noise similar to a loud vacuum cleaner during that time. Our technicians have professional equipment and are skilled at making every effort so that no mess will be caused by having your chimney swept.

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