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Chimney Sweep Folklore

Chimney sweepfolk lore has been around for centuries, with various stories and superstitions surrounding this occupation. One popular belief was that chimney sweeps were good luck charms, and it was considered lucky to shake hands with a chimney sweep or to have one present at a wedding. It was also believed that if a chimney sweep kissed a bride on her wedding day, it would bring good luck and happiness to the marriage. 

Another prevalent piece of chimney sweep folklore was the notion that chimney sweeps had the power to grant wishes. This belief stemmed from the legend of a young chimney sweep who was stuck inside a chimney and could not escape. According to the legend, the boy's cries for help were eventually answered

by a passing king, who ordered his men to rescue the boy. In gratitude,

the chimney sweep granted the king three wishes, which he used to

improve his kingdom. This story spread, and many people believed  that

if they encountered a chimney sweep, they could make a wish and it

would be granted.

In addition to being associated with luck and wish-granting, chimney sweeps

were also seen as symbols of social mobility and upward mobility. This was

particularly evident in the story of King George III, who supposedly stopped

his carriage to shake hands with a chimney sweep on the streets of London.

According to the story, the king was so impressed by the chimney sweep's

politeness and cheerfulness that he granted him a coat of arms and a title, making

him a member of the aristocracy. This story became popularized in literature and art,

and was seen as a testament to the power of hard work and good character

of the chimney sweep.

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