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Pricing for 
Chimney Sweeping
and related


Chimney Sweep for:
Standard sweep for inbuilt and freestanding fires.
$110.00 inc. GST 
Chimney Sweep for:
Open fires, coal ranges, and cooking ranges
$130.00 inc. GST 
Chimney Sweep for:
Pyroclassic, Ferva Saturn,and Jayline UL200 
$130.00 inc. GST 
Chimney Sweep for:
Ultra low emission Burners (ULEB)

$150.00 inc. GST 

Price difference is due to increased time, tools and preparation required.
This includes Blazeking, Masport Mystique, Rais Bionic,
Jayline Walltherm, and Xeoos Twinfire. 
  • Bird netting installation (only)

      $250.00 inc. GST 

  • Bird netting installation and

       chimney sweep combo (standard sweep)

      $290.00 inc. GST 

  • Cowl installation (only)

    $400.00 inc. GST 

  • Cowl installation and

       chimney sweep combo (standard sweep)

     $450.00 inc. GST 

  • Repair or inspection callout charge

    $100.00 inc. GST 


Because our Our Chim Chim team use modern equipment and methods, the majority of chimney sweeps we undertake are easily completed with only ground floor access to your fire box and upwards through the flue.

However, some of our services we offer will depend on

 establishing safe roof access required to

complete your job. 

There may be factors that affect this such as a very high roof pitch, fragile or dangerous roofing materials

(for example asbestos or slate) or other accessibility issues.

If you are unsure about this, please call us on

0800 22 44 64

or send photos of your roof and chimney to

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